Angola becomes ‘first country to ban Islam’

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Published on Dec 9, 2016

It can be done: Angola bans Islam, dismantles mosques

Published on Nov 25, 2013

Angola and China bans Islam and Islamic Clothing Respectively

Published on Oct 8, 2015

Moreover there are two sites called Bakka in Quran 3:96 and Mecca in Quran 48:24. It is only logical that Abraham went to Bakka located in Israel since Moses led the Children of Israel into the holy land of Israel, and not to Mecca when the site called Makka only existed after 400 A.D..

The word Allah predates Islam and the Quran. So Islam is not a religion of truth, but an Arabian cult which promotes idolizing with Kaaba idol built before the Quran was written between 610 A.D. and 632 A.D. .

It is not a suprise that Islam will be banned in more countries in the years ahead.

Angola becomes ‘first country to ban Islam’

Published on Nov 25, 2013

— Update: 8 mosques razed in Angola, women wearing veil face intimidation

— Update: Angola govt. denies it banned Islam, destroyed mosques (01:40 GMT)

Angola has banned Islam, claiming that it clashes with its customs and state religion.
The Angolan government says Islam is not a religion but a sect, and as part of the ban, all mosques will be destroyed in the Christian-majority country.

According to the Islamic Community of Angola, there are more than eighty mosques and about half a million Muslims in the country, and the number is growing.

Angola’s culture ministry says the houses of worship of other faiths which have not been legalized will also be demolished. Angola is the first country in the world to ban Islam.


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