Belgium has been invaded by Islam

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Brussels commuters: ‘Everyone was screaming’

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Traumatised commuters who survived a deadly bomb blast at a metro station in Brussels have told of how they came under attack as they made their way to work in the rush hour.

The shocking video Muslims don’t want you to see!!

Uploaded on Dec 29, 2008

Watch this video about the shocking similarites between Muslim and Nazi beliefs. Listen to a former Palestinian terrorist. What is being taught to Muslim children will shock and amaze you!!

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SCHENGEN CHAOS: Belgium ABANDONS free movement & ramps up border checks with armed guards

BELGIUM has dumped the free movement policy by sending armed guards to patrol border checkpoints, leaving the Schengen passport-free zone in ruins.

By Charlie Peat
Thu, Feb 25, 2016

Split picAFP GETTY

Belgium has sent armed guards to patrol its borders

Officials fear thousands of migrants could cross into the country as camps in France are cleared after the EU state deployed major border controls – including 300 officers, a helicopter and mounted police.Police claim they mainly see Afghan migrants attempt to cross the border and said they have turned back as many as 80 migrants from the Middle Eastern country yesterday alone.


Officials fear thousands will try to cross the border from the Calais Jungle

There is a growing belief the majority of people are coming from the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais which holds around 4,000 migrants.Police spokesman Peter Dewaele said: “Currently over the past 24 hours we have prevented 80 people, mainly Afghans, from coming into Belgium.


“A further 25 people – Syrians, Iranians and Afghans – have been intercepted on Belgian territory.“After having been interrogated by the Foreigners’ Office, they were immediately driven back to the French border.”Checks were installed on the Belgium-France border in November following the atrocities in Paris which left 130 people dead.But this is the first time stringent border controls have been imposed outside of last year’s atrocity since March 1995, when the Schengen agreement came into force, tearing down borders across mainland Europe.

Once the camps in France are cleared we could potentially see thousands

Jan Jambon

Interior Minister Jan Jambon said: “We already see movement of migrants from Calais towards our country.“Once the camps in France are cleared we could potentially see thousands”.The checks will be focussed on the coast in a bid to avoid anyone bound for Britain using Belgium as a transit point.

Migrant camps

Officials fears thousands could look to Belgium if Calais camps are closed

Mr Jambon claimed that Belgium is “not closing its borders” but making “targeted checks against a specific phenomenon”.The country stopped 950 migrants heading for Britain last month, according to officials.The move comes as another blow to undermine EU’s free-travel zone after claims that Greece will be booted out of the zone after deciding the country has failed to control the migrant influx earlier this month.

Officials say around 80 Afghan migrants tried to cross the border

Welcome To Belgistan — The New Muslim Capital Of Europe

Published on Mar 21, 2012

Learn more at


Published on Oct 5, 2014

Radical Muslims In Belgium (Scary)

Uploaded on Jul 30, 2008


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