Hungary cracking down on Muslim migrants (Warning: Graffic images)

small immigrant knows what will happen to europe

Hungary: situation at the border after a year with the fence 1/2

Published on Sep 16, 2016

A year after Hungary built a fence on her southern border, we met with mayor László Toroczkai who explained us the current situation at the gate of the European Union.

Second part of the documentary:

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Refugee crisis: Hungary uses water cannon as people head to

Published on Sep 16, 2015

The UN Secretary General today condemned the use of water cannon and tear gas by Hungarian police to repel refugees and migrants seeking to cross from Serbia. It’s meant the refugees are being forced to seek another way into the EU.
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Hungarian army stopped Refugees in Roszke and Horgosz Hungary

Published on Jun 22, 2016

African Migrant Sneak Attack On A European Woman In Hungary

Published on Jan 16, 2016

African Migrant Sneak Attack On A European Woman In Hungary
You have a right to refuse them into your country. Don’t be afraid to speak the Truth.
Stop being a victim (easier said than done).

Hungary fighting to uphold EU border rules in face of criticism

Published on Sep 8, 2015

Nothing is stopping these refugees. Hundreds have been crossing the Serbia-Hungary border every day, following these tracks. If trains are going to use them, how can the authorities lay barbed wire here?

The Hungary-Serbia border is one of the European Union’s external borders, which Budapest is responsible for keeping secure. On this basis, in July the Hungarian parliament approved building a 3.5-metre-high fence along it for 150 km.

Since the start of this year, the authorities have intercep…

Hungary closes border after 300 refugees escape from camp near Serbian border

Published on Sep 4, 2015

More than a thousand refugees, stranded for days at the Hungarian capital’s main train station, have left the station on foot for Austria.

The crowd intends to march 175 kilometers from Budapest to the border. The refugees belong to an estimated 2,000 people stuck in the railway’s temporary refugee camps. This came two days after a tense standoff between refugees and police after the asylum seekers were blocked from boarding trains to western European countries. The refugees refuse to register as asylum seekers in Hungary and insist that they be allowed to go in Germany or Austria. The refugees accuse Hungary of failing to live up to its commitments to deal with the crisis.

Hungary cracking down on Muslim migrants (Warning: Graffic images)

Published on Sep 16, 2015

I would like to warn you that this video contains images that you might find very disturbing and offensive.

#A State of crisis#

I do not like seeing children crying, women/men screaming and this scene says it all, yes it breaks my heart seeing events like these, but there serious questions that each one of us needs to start asking. Is it ok to let people in another country illegally? Who is paying the price?

In my opinion, both the migrants and the countries that are taking them in paying the price because many rich European countries underestimated the amount of these migrants coming from different countries that are destroyed by wars.

The only people who are profiting from this situation are human smugglers and they don’t give a damn about the situations these people are dealing with; they’re just using these migrants for their own benefits. Another thing to take into account the the impact this situation could have when it comes to cultural and religious clashes.

Hungary Cracks Down on Muslim migrants at the border with Serbia.The migrant crisis in various European countries like: Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. Many of those migrants come from countries torn by wars, and most of them are Muslim migrants.

They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda, Senegal, Gambia and other developing countries. A couple of days ago, Hungary decided to close the border with Serbia and arrest any migrant who makes a decision to cross illegally in the country.

#Damaging the border#
But there are a few of those migrants who had been insisting on trying to climb the fences and a few hundreds of them were arrested by Hungarian authorities. Germany and Austria and Sweden cannot solve this problem on their own,” Ms. Merkel said in asking for the summit, calling it the responsibility of the entire EU. A decision on her request is expected this Thursday.

Hundreds of migrants were halted at the Hungarian border, on a main highway to Budapest. By late afternoon, about 800 of them simply sat in the highway and waited to see what would happen next, or began plotting ways to circumvent the Hungarian obstruction.

The Hungarian officials said, after several days that saw record numbers of migrants crossing the border — 9,000 on Monday alone — the numbers were much lower on Tuesday, proof that people were heeding the warning, or at least waiting for the picture to clear.

I would like to conclude by saying that the people who are staying at the Hungarian-Serbian border are illegal immigrants, whether some of you want to hear it or not; on the other hand, many of those migrants will struggle to integrate in countries where they expect to be welcome and we are already witnessing social problems with Muslim migrants in France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, United States, Australia, Austria, China, Brazil, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Ethiopia and many other countries that I could mention. Around the world alone, there are 44 conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, regardless of the race, religion, tribe, political views etc.

Many of those Muslim migrants are using their own children as human shields and I agree with a spokesman of the Hungarian government about that.

In many Muslim countries, Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities are being persecuted and we do not hear about Muslims defending their Human Rights there. many other European and the rest of the Western countries should follow Hungary’s example because the Western world cannot afford more immigration from Muslim countries.

I myself have historical connections to Hungary in my family and I do not want to see Hungary becoming a Muslim country. CNN and other types of the media are criticizing Hungary for dealing with the situation, reminding the Hungarians that when Russia invaded Hungary in 1956 other countries welcomed them with open arms. Yes, it is true, but those were not illegal migrants and immigrants of Hungarian descent,wherever they are, they made efforts to adapt in countries that welcomed them.

Hungary Cracks Down on Migrants at Serbia Border
‘First arrests made’ as Hungary cracks down on immigration
CNN: Hungary cracks down on migrants/
Refugee crisis: Hungary uses tear gas, water cannons on migrants at border
Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: West is to blame for refugee crisis
Hungary Detains Migrants in Border Crackdown

Islamic immigrants in Budapest

Published on Oct 11, 2015

Hungary: after the violent clashes, refugees change course to Croatia

Published on Sep 17, 2015

After clashes broke out at the border with Serbia, tensions have lowered, but thousands are still camped at the border crossing since Hungary sealed its frontier. Buses are now taking migrants at the open border in Croatia.

Immigrants attack police in Hungary!! Police uses tear gas

Published on Sep 16, 2015

Hungary police repel migrants at Serbia border | Editor’s Pick | 16 Sept 15

Published on Sep 24, 2015

Hungarian police clashed with migrants and refugees on Wednesday at the Serbian border, firing water cannons and tear gas at them.

Hundreds have been stuck at the border after Hungary closed it on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the Hungarian government, Zoltan Kovacs, said those who tried to push past the border post present a very real danger to his country.

Immigrants using their child to stop Police!

Published on Sep 17, 2015

Illegal Migrants Use Children as Tool

Published on Sep 28, 2015

When illegal intruders attacked the Hungarian border and policemans, the police used tear gas. After this event, photographers made some photos from two girl who probably breathed the gas.

A bunch of people stood around the two girls (activists, photographers and two migrants). In a moment (4:01) perceptible, as one of the girl (blue backpack) trying to go from there, but a person pull back her to take photos.

After these moments, the two sadist intruders (parents of girls ?!), dragged back the girls to the front (5:41), and provocate policemans to use tear gas again.

The girls sobbed and tried to resist, but the sadistic migrants didn’t care. The activists and photographers didn’t mind it too, just watched, as intruders forcing the girls to the front.

Migrants push their children to the police cordon…. The “parents” leave the kids after the border, if they alredy don’t need… migrants treat the child as a package….. Many people think, these are not parents, just use the children as tool.

Hungarian Police Battle with Muslim Protesters in Migrant Camp

Published on Jul 12, 2015

Hungarian Police Battle with Muslim Protesters in Migrant Camp Debrecen City

Hungarian police have fired tear gas to subdue hundreds of people fighting each other and throwing rocks in an overcrowded camp for migrants in the eastern city of Debrecen, authorities have said.

While African Muslims leaks into Europe through Italy, Balkan Muslims leak in through Hungary. And with it comes Afghanistan-style Islamic riots. Meanwhile, in lack of EU’s willingness to effectively defend its borders, Hungary has decided to build a 200 km long, 4 meter high fence on the border to Serbia…

…A conflict of a religious nature between two refugees (a turkish and an afgan) at the Debrecen camp was allegedly behind the riots that happened on a nearby road on Monday afternoon. About 100 migrants staying at the refugee camp in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, started throwing stones at cars passing by on road 471 and beating the vehicles with sticks, according to eye-witnesses.

Later, police said one officer took a hit from a stone and was slightly injured. Police appeared in raid gear and managed to drive the refugees back into the camp, behind a fence where they remained in a line, facing police and shouting, the correspondent said. The conflict turned violent after 2.30 pm when two refugees engaged in a row over religious (islam) matters, the local county police said.

The argument turned heated and “hundreds of others” joined in, including a man who allegedly “stamped his feet on the Koran”, police said, citing eyewitnesses. Another witness said one refugee took the other’s Koran, which contained 200 euros hidden among the pages. Police spokesperson Erika Demeter said the refugees blocked the nearby highway, lit rubbish bins and threw stones at cars passing by.

Rioting migrants also set fire to rubbish and a policeman was injured on Monday when a rock struck him in the head, Interior Ministry spokesman Attila Samu said.

“The conflict broke out after a Turkish migrant seized the Quran of an Afghan migrant and [because] allegedly there were 200 euros of cash inside the Koran,” Samu told the Reuters news agency.

“This set off the initial conflict, in which subsequently hundreds were embroiled. They broke out of the camp, occupied a road, pelted rocks and set fire to garbage containers. Police then forced them back into the camp.”

The camp, which was designed to hold about 823 people but is now crammed with 1,655, is located on the outskirts of Debrecen, 230km east of the capital Budapest.

Hungary, a landlocked central European country of 10 million people, is in the European Union’s Schengen visa-free travel zone and thus an attractive destination for tens of thousands of migrants entering Europe through the Balkans from the Middle East and Africa. Most then move on to western Europe.

High number of refugees

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has started constructing of a 175km fence along its border with Serbia, angering its southern neighbour.

The government has also sent the public questionnaires linking immigration to “terrorism” and launched a nationwide poster campaign urging migrants not to break laws or take jobs from Hungarians.

In a visit to Debrecen last month, Orban said the camp should be closed for good.

Police spokesman Denes Dobo said police had arrested one Turkish migrant. “Right now there is calm in the camp, police are upholding public order and security,” he said.

Samu said an extra 154 policemen were scrambled to the scene from nearby districts to restore order. They will remain on site as long as necessary, Samu added.

‘Boat is full’

Earlier this month, Hungary indefinitely suspended the application of a key EU asylum rule, which requires claims by migrants to be processed in the EU country they first arrive in.

Zoltan Kovacs, the Hungarian government spokesman, said “the boat is full,” referring to the recent influx of migrants.

“We all wish for a European solution, but we need to protect Hungarian interests and our populaton,” he said.

The EU has asked Hungary to urgently clarify its suspension of the rule.

In the first six months of this year, the number of migrants crossing into the EU via Hungary’s border with Serbia exceeded 66,000, overtaking even the number arriving in Italy.

The increase in migrants is fuelling public hostility to the EU’s open borders and to the EU project as a whole.

EU summit talks last week over how to cope with the problem exposed sharp differences between
Mediterranean states, which have borne the brunt of the influx, and poorer, former Communist central and east European countries, who fear costly disruptions from proposals to make them take in a share of those in transit.


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