Italy kicks Islam out!

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Italy: Islam is not recognized as a religion

Published on Jan 7, 2015

Italy is the only Western country that has take one of the most courageous steps other countries around the world dream of doing, but fear to act because of political correctness. Italy is the only Western country besides the Vatican that does not not recognize Islam as a religion in its territory.

This is a step Italy has taken due to the fact that Islam is not compatible with its way of life, Muslim immigrants themselves are making it impossible for the Italian authorities to recognize the so called religion of peace as one of the religions of the country.

Islam’s view on polygamy, child marriages, honor killings, women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights and other universal rights many of us take for granted makes it even more convincing for Italy passed legislation denying Islam’s religious tax status. Italy has not failed Muslims; Muslims have failed Italy, just like they failed their other host countries.

Italy has banned Islam’s religious tax status, why can’t we?

Song: Freedom by Trouillet Nicolas

Italy: Islam Not Recognized as a Religion — Denied Religious Tax Status

Italy: Islam Not Recognized as a Religion — Denied Religious Tax Status

The Muslim time: Italy does not recognize Islam

Lacking recognition, Italy’s Muslims face an uncertain future

Italy: Islam Not Recognized as a Religion — Denied Religious Tax Status

Italy kicks Islam out!

Uploaded on Sep 11, 2010

debate on Italian TV

The Italian Solution for Immigrants (Utterly Shocking)

Uploaded on Sep 7, 2011

The idyllic Italian island of Lampedusa, halfway between Italy and Libya, once served as the first stop for most of Italy’s African immigrants.

But under a controversial deal with Libyan government the Italian government has closed this gateway to Europe, with patrol boats now intercepting and ‘pushing back’ migrants, including asylum seekers.

Immigrants Invade Italy, The Italians know how to solve the problem!

Europe is Doomed. Don’t believe it? Look at Italy

Published on Oct 24, 2016

Must Read Now! AMAZON LINK Hasta la Vista Europe! What you’re not being told about the refugee crisis and how it’s destroying Europe

Our favorite new book reveals what is really happening across Europe.

Here, a brief look at Italy… in the new Europe.

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Illegal immigrant screamed “you have treated me like a dog” and killed an American artist

Female politician punched and threatened by Muslim at the end of Ramadan (in Milan, Italy)

Uploaded on Oct 17, 2010

Universefreedom | 21. April 2010


4 thoughts on “Italy kicks Islam out!”

  1. you are right. Why oh why does europe let this scum of humanity into our countries??? our polititians are to blame. Dont give them aide ,homes money and they will stay in their own sick countries

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  2. muslims kill christians and what do we do (the rest of the world? NOTHING !!!! Fuck islam and fuck all muslims, time is now to reclame our countries from these pieces of human crap

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