Japan: Keeping Islam at Bay

Published on Jan 20, 2015

While some countries in the Western world have politicians that are not realizing the transformation of our countries, which are undergoing significant cultural transformations, due to immigration from Muslim countries, Japan keeps a low profile regarding the Muslim matter.

It is uncommon that a government official from a Muslim country visits Japan. The most interesting thing in Japan’s approach to Islam is the fact that the Japanese do not feel the need to apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they relate to Islam. Japan has put strict restrictions on Islam and all Muslims. (Japan puts strict restriction on ALL foreigners, period).

The Japanese make a clear distinction between their economic interest in resources of oil and gas from Muslim countries, which behooves Japan to maintain good relations with these countries on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Japanese nationalist viewpoints, which see Islam as something that is suitable for others, not for Japan.

This does not mean that there are no mosques in Japan, because there are a few, but Muslims in Japan are immigrants there and they are restricted severely from preaching Islam, may not increase the number of Mosques nor make any public demonstrations etc. You can get the Japanese citizenship, but you’ve got to meet Japan’s strict requirements.


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Song: Story(Inst) Heavy Hitters by Barbara Kessler_2016.03.16_03h09m57s_066_ A Truth Soldier

Muslims Raising hell in Japan Again! You Gotta Watch!

Published on Feb 9, 2017

These people are truly Insane! I cannot get over the lack of logical and critical thinking skills displayed by these people! It is UNREAL! Look at how the Japanese people stare at them as if they are uneducated animals.

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There is a dangerous Muslim and Immigration problem in the United States and Europe. Sadly, many people are unaware. Adults know what is on TV, they know what sports are on, but they are oblivious to the Muslim invasion! Soon, they will have no choice but to face it. SHARE these videos.

Japan | No Country for Islam – Here’s Why

Published on Jan 17, 2017

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