Black Horse in Sky then God Sliced a Sword Through Mecca VERY GRAPHIC True event


Below you will see signs from God.

Mecca was hit by what appeared to be a hurricane that came in from the desert. Great and powerful winds with piercing heavy rain.

Than a huge lighting struck Mecca.

Ten a black horse flew through the sky.

Than a huge object like a sword cut through Mecca from the sky and left the white floor covered in blood.. Mecca  in Saudi Arabia is supposed to be the birth place of Islam..

See for yourself but be warned truth is always powerful and some of the videos below are very GRAPHIC .

Also see.

Makkah accident in haram

Crane Collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque Kills 107

ISLAM_ A Truth SoldierFlying ScrollMecca_022_ A Truth Soldier

Flying Black Horse in Mecca_001_ A Truth SoldierHorse flying Seen in Saudi Arabia_ A Truth SoldierFlying Black Horse During Thunderstorm in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (MUST WATCH) – FindingUFO

Published on Jan 11, 2015

Date of sighting: November 23, 2014.
A flying black horse is captured on camera during a thunderstorm in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on November 23, 2014. Some see this as a sign of the (beginning)end times while others are screaming fake.

Islam and Christian (believers) think that this is written in the Religious Books. It was wintnessed and filmed by many more people in the area from different locations and angles.

What do you think it is.. UFO abduction or a miracle? Is it REAL or FAKE? As always YOU decide!

Muslim realises Islam is a lie on live TV – Goes Batshit

Mad Mo preached peace and equality of religion so the Good Pagans would let him in the Pagan Kaaba in Pagan Mecca he did preach peace for a bit he had few followers sooooo After all the good Pagan Mecca had there own Gods they said mohammed was mad HE WAS he the abrogated wiped out the peace sermons saying satan had made him ie (satanic verses) He then preached only his nameless god was real WELL this was BLASPHEMY against the Pagan Gods and Goddesses so the Mecca Pagans chased him out back to Medina there he raised an army from desert tribes promising them booty slaves money and sex with prisoners and if they died virgins 72 it says the rest is forced conversion or death or the tax even to this day

Mecca_013_ A Truth SoldierMecca_015_ A Truth Soldiermecca_017_ A Truth Soldier Lies of Islam Allah is not God but Satan_012_ A Truth SoldierMecca_014_ A Truth SoldierMecca_018_ A Truth Soldier9/11: Lightning Strikes Mecca 2015

Published on Sep 12, 2015

Crane Collapse before Mecca Pilgrimage kills and injures 100s of people.
First we had lightning strike Jim Caveizel on the cross in Mel Gibsons Roman Catholic ‘Passion of the Christ’ movie, then the Catholic Christ the Redeemer statue was struck by lightning in Rio, then the night the pope resigned the Vatican was struck by lightning and now Mecca is struck by lightning on 9/11/2015.


Richard Earvin
God is mad the Lord is returning
Alan Maniscalco (DiscipleofJesusChrist777)
Our Father’s Hand Is Involved With This Lightening Strike!!! Judgement Is Coming & Has Come In All Walks of Faith!!! JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!!
Yeshua Ha Mashiach 
God’s Fury for Saudi Involvement in 9/11…. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Prince for God Sake!!!
But yet we invaded Iraq… And not Saudi Arabia…. It’s like America Invading Spain for Prince William being Involved in 9/11…
Makes NO Sense at all…
Planned by the Satanists in Britain, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
ALL of which are owned by the British Empire!!!Britain even NAMED Saudi Arabia after the World War.
Britain gave the Jews Israel after the World War.
America only joined the War in Europe because Britain owns the American Government!
wake up to reality 
this even might be a sacrifice by the devil
season davis
 The devil is an angel of GOD, he was a favored angel actually, pride corrupted him but angel nonetheless.
His power will end when Jesus arrives in the clouds and strips him of it with the power of his breath, the words he will speak.
God still allows the devil power, until the time appointed. GOD bless you- troubled times ahead

Walid Shoebat: WARNING TO MUSLIMS: Mystery Babylon the great!

ISLAM__006_ A Truth Soldier


Published on Jan 24, 2015

Islam, false, lies, Muhammad, Koran, Imams, Muslims, Quran, Mecca. The historical truth that many archeological and Middle Eastern scholars has found reveal the facts about the lies of Islam. The Muslim people are fed the lies to keep them ignorant and obedients to the political ideology of Islam

7 Reasons why Islam is a False Religion!!!

33 Facts Mecca in Saudi Arabia was a Hindu temple in 600- Lies of Islam..

Published on Jul 27, 2015

Islam is build on a pack of lies. Why don’t Muslims get educated about their false religion? i just got back from Indonesia and there are old Hindu temples there also. I know that this is true to history.

Allah and Satan are the same being_ A Truth Soldier

Allah is Satan, the fallen angel Lucifer-Shocking!!!

Published on Sep 25, 2015

I did not produce this but wanted all to see it and re-post it .. timely

ISLAM:Babylon the Great

Published on Nov 3, 2013

TOPIC in this video:
Turkey will be the seat of the ANTI-CHRIST.
Where is the true Babylon?
The Crescent Moon.
False Moon GOD
The symbol of the CRESCENT Moon is SATAN
The Black Stone of Islam
How Muslims praise ALLAH
Allah has 3 daughters
Muhammad helped position the black stone.
The hajj
Number 666
Muslims circle the CABA
Allah HAS pictures of a sun SYMBOL to describe Allah. That Allah uses the BLACK STONE TO TAKE THE SINS AWAY.
ISLAM bow down to a star that fell down from HEAVEN.
BABYLON is the mother of all HARLOTS of the EARTH
REV 17:5
ISLAM is the Mother of all FALSE RELIGIONS.
REV says Mecca sets on 7 hills
MECCA does indeed set on 7 HILLS
BABYLON has fallen ISAIH 21:9
REV 18:2
ISAIH 21:1
REV 17:3
ZECH 2:7
JERH 51:6-7
JERH 51:11
Zech 5:1-4
Zech 5:11
REV 17:2
ISIAH 34:8
JOEL 3:2


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