Jordan has issues with ISIS

Why ISIS Really Killed The Jordanian Pilot

Published on Feb 3, 2015

In this video we cover the breaking news with ISIS releasing a video killing a Jordanian pilot. We break down why this really happened and very important geopolitical news that contradicts the offical version of events perpetrated by the mainstream media.


Abdullah, king of Jordan warns: “The Syrian refugee dam is about to break”

80,000 Syrian refugees live in giant camps in Jordan.

The King of Jordan, Abdullah ibn al-Hussein has warned that his country is at a boiling point because of the number of Syrian refugees. He has asked the West to help before the dam bursts, writes The Daily Mail.

King Abdullah.of Jordan_004__A Truth Soldier

King Abdullah.

Jordan is hosting more than 600,000 of the 4.6 million Syrians who have registered with the UN as refugees since the civil war broke out in the country five years ago.

Speaking ahead of a key conference on Syria being held in London this week, King Abdullah said the flood of refugees into his country had damaged its education and healthcare systems. He urged Western leaders to recognise the huge strain the Syrian conflict is having on his citizens.

Zaatari refugee camp. in Jordan_005__A Truth Soldier

Zaatari refugee camp.

Al Zaatari is one of the biggest refugee camps in Jordan. The camp was filmed from a helicopter.

Jordan says a quarter of the government’s budget is spent looking after refugees.

In an interview with the BBC, King Abdullah said: “The psyche of the Jordanian people, I think it’s gotten to boiling point.”

“Sooner or later, I think the dam is going to burst and I think this week is going to be very important for Jordanians to see, is there going to be help – not only for Syrian refugees, but for their own future as well.”

“They realise that if they don’t help Jordan, it’s going to be more difficult for them to deal with the refugee crisis.”

“The international community, we’ve always stood shoulder to shoulder by your side. We’re now asking for your help, you can’t say no this time.”

King Abdullah rejected claims from the international community that his country had left 16,000 Syrian refugees stranded in a remote desert area near its northern border.

he United Nations has claimed that children and vulnerable people are among those suffering from deteriorating conditions in the area.

King Abdullah pointed out that there were elements of ISIS among the group and said Jordanian authorities were deploying a ‘strong vetting system’ to ensure extremists are not admitted into refugee camps.

Around 50-100 refugees from the area are being admitted each day.

He told his international critics: “If you want to take the moral high ground on this issue, we’ll get them all to an airbase and we’re more than happy to relocate them to your country, if what you’re saying is there’s only 16,000.”

The Syrian donors’ conference will start in London tomorrow and Downing Street has urged participating countries to double the amount of money they have so far contributed to the humanitarian crisis.


ISIS revenge video: Jordan releases video showing air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria

Published on Feb 6, 2015

“This is the beginning and you will get to know the Jordanians.” That is the message the Kingdom of jordan has for ISIS.

It’s been less than a week since the deranged jihadist group released a video of captured Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, who ISIS burned alive in a shocking video released online.

Now a slick video broadcast on state television, shows members of the Jordanian air force preparing for battle and launching airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, and now also Iraq. One message scrawled in chalk on the side of a bomb reads: ‘for you, the enemy of Islam.’

The mission, codenamed Operation Martyr Moaz in memory of their fallen comrade is part of the wide U.S.-led campaign to smash ISIS.

ISIS Burn JORDAN PILOT Alive! KING Begins “Earth Shaking Response” 55 Dead

Published on Feb 5, 2015



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