Terror attacks on Brussels international airport in Belgium

Also see. https://worldwarthreereports.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/belgium-has-been-invaded-by-islam/




GLADIO: NATO False-Flag Terrorist Operations.

Exposed: Brussels Bombing Media Used Fake Video To Sell News and Fear

Published on Mar 24, 2016

The Brussels Bombing. This is my second video about how the media have been used to sell another orchestrated attack to promote fear and further erode civil liberties.

The people of Belgium should be revolting against the DH.be news agency for showing a fake bombing video from a previous terror attack (where people actually died) and the rest of the European news agencies who jumped all over the fake CCTV footage that was replayed throughout the day on March 22nd until it was exposed by alternative media, Internet researchers and investigators that the footage they were using was from a terrorist attack on an International Airport in Moscow Oblask on January 24th, 2011.

What other fake news are the main stream media feeding the Sheeple?

I also take a look at the recent four day Emergency Drill Exercise that London, England held involving 250 emergency service personell and over 2,000 ‘volunteer casualties’. It cost 770,000 pounds. Are they preparing for another “7/7”?

You tell me is the Main Stream Media working for the ‘Cabal’?

Brussels Attack Bombing HOAX Western Backed ISIS EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

Published on Mar 23, 2016


You are looking at the to be continued from past fake shootings and “attacks”

Crisis Actor Mormon Mason Wells at Brussels Bombing Hoax EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

Touching moment EU minister breaks down in tears and has to leave the stage while addressing conference after Brussels attacks

Are these the Belgian terror bombers? Leaked CCTV ‘shows suspects’ in attacks that left 34 dead as ISIS claims responsibility

President Erdoğan strongly condemns Brussels attack, pledges to support Belgium

President Erdogan wants to change definition of ‘terrorist’ to include journalists and politicians

Trump Warned Brussels Was an Islamist “Hellhole”

Imminent threat of Paris-style attacks puts Belgian Govt. on high alert

Brussels terror attacks: Fears blasts may be revenge for Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam’s arrest

Analyst: Brussels Attacks Likely Linked to Paris

Turkey’s Erdogan warned of Brussels terror just days before it happened

Trump Warned About Brussels Attack!

Published on Mar 23, 2016

Republican front runner Donald Trump identified Brussels as a jihadist hotbed back in January, but he was criticized for ‘insulting’ the Belgian capital by numerous media outlets and pundits.

Asked by Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about his plan to put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, Trump cited Brussels as an example of how the failure of immigrants to assimilate was ruining Europe. http://www.infowars.com/trump-warned-brussels-was-an-islamist-hellhole/

What You Need To Know About The Belgium Attacks

Published on Mar 23, 2016

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The Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _009_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _010_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _011_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _013_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _014_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _015_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _016_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _017_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _018_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _019_ A Truth SoldierThe Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks _020_ A Truth SoldierGreat report.. Now all white countries are being taken over.. we have all been fooled..told it is the Jews and Zionism..It is time to change those words to Islamic and we will understand who has covertly infiltrated and taken over our governments, the Trojan horse worked again..
Now they have opened the gates and are letting in the army of young terrorists they are calling Syrian refugees… http://ATruthSoldier.com

The Truth About The Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Reports show at least 34 people are dead and 170 injured after two separate Terrorist bombings rocked Brussels, Belgium on the morning of March 22nd, 2016. Two nail bomb explosions occurred at the Brussels Airport near the American Airlines and Brussels airlines check-in desks and authorities later discovered a unexploded suicide vest on the scene. Shouts in Arabic were reportedly heard prior to the explosions.

Only seventy-nine minutes after the airport terrorist attack, another bombing decimated a Metro station near the EU headquarters in the Maelbeek area of Brussels. Two suspects related to the attacks were arrested only a mile from the Maelbeek area Metro station.

Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/truth-about-brussels-attack

Brussels ISIS Bombing, Fraud Or Real? Pushes Strong Cities Network

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Belgium : Terror strikes Brussels on 322 Skull and Bones Human Sacrifice Holiday (Mar 22, 2016)

Published on Mar 22, 2016

News Articles:

3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday

Satan’s Holiday Calendar

At least 9 Americans wounded in Belgium attacks, officials say

Brussels Belgium Attacks 322… Coincidence? False Flag Illuminati Exposed!!!

ublished on Mar 22, 2016

Nothing ever just happens! Nothing is ever a mere coincidence!

Especially events like these.. All De-ZION-ed ahead of time; Perpetrated by the same Alphabet Soups who perpetrate everything else! Problem-reaction-solution!

On the morning of Tuesday, March 22, 2016, two explosions occurred in the Brussels airport. Subsequently, another report of an explosion soon followed at the Maalbeek metro station — succeeding the explosions at the airport. Of course, this is all blamed on “suicide bombers.” The airport and metro station have been shut down, and all flights to Brussels have been cancelled, as the country is on temporary lockdown.

Now there are some very eerie and undeniable symbolisms and “coincidences” that aren’t so coincidental after all:

– The event took place on March 22, or “322”;
– “322” is often associated with the secret society “Skull and Bones”; the same organization corresponding with 911
– The Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980 — exactly 36 years ago on this day
– Both this AND 911 occurred on Tuesday mornings
– Exactly 758 weeks following the 911 attacks
– Exactly 130 days following the Paris “attacks”… now there were said to be “130 deaths” in the Paris “attacks”… no coincidence there!
– 2 days following the Spring Equinox/Hebrew New Year
– 5 days before Easter
– 1 day before the Full Moon
– 13th day on the Lunar Calendar

This event also just so happened to take place a day before the Doodle 4 Google propaganda (See Video Below).

Was it a hoax? Probably.

Just another random event? Or a perpetrated false-flag mental psy-op, staged, funded, and planned AHEAD of time?



ALSO SEE — Doodle 4 Google 2016 Illuminati Symbolism: https://youtu.be/GAsqp5p0BTo

Brussels and the E.U. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brussels_and_the_European_Union
AIPAC Policy Conference 2016: http://www.policyconference.org/article/Schedule.asp
The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2016/mar/22/brussels-airport-explosions-live-updates
BBC: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35869254
Mirror: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/brussels-airport-explosion-terror-attack-7605045
NYT (Note how they are ALWAYS trying to make this into a WORLDWIDE problem): http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/23/world/europe/brussels-attacks-what-we-know-and-dont-know.html

Brussels Belgium ‘Terror Attacks’ aka Nato-Gladio FALSE FLAG Operations

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Brussels attacks: Isis flag and nail bomb found in raid – live

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terror Attacks That Killed Three Dozen

Brussels Attacks: Special report from ITV News and GMB

Streamed live on Mar 22, 2016

The latest news following the attacks on Brussels.

Brussels Belgium False Flag? – Brussels Airport and Metro Bombing

Published on Mar 22, 2016

So, right after the media was building up the imminent attack on a “western capital” we have an attack on Brussels, the Capital of the European Union. This attack happened only 3 days after the main “France Terror Suspect” was arrested-

Of course “ISIS” claims responsiblity right away for the attacks, and the authorities somehow cannot find out where ISIS is sending their “I did it” messages from for whatever reason.

Very little cellphone footage (most of them from the same angles) the repeated showing of the front of the airline terminal’s blown out windows, and few injured people are shown (even less emergency personel are seen) The “injured” that do show up appear to be minor injuries if anything.. It doesn’t appear to be 30 dead and 100s of injured as we were told.

3 days before this event, during the “Capture” footage- conveniently a Batman vs. Superman poster is directly above the person being captured in an obvious reference to Batman, which continues during many recent hoaxes from the “Dark Knight Rises” Aurora fiasco and many others, the use of “super hero” imagery is pervasive.

Who was in charge of the CCTV footage for the airport, and the train station? I am not sure yet, but if the footage isn’t released very soon from the 100s and 100s of cameras, the public should start asking some serious questions, especially if the companies are based in Israel.

Of course, the “coincidence” surrounding attacks in Europe such as Peter Power’s Company Visor Consultants running “Mock terror drills” at precisely the tube stations which would get blown up on 7/7 also begs the question if similar police drills or other drills were taking place in and around the airport.

Brussels attacks: What the witnesses saw – BBC News

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Eyewitnesses to the terror attacks on Brussels international airport have been describing what they saw as two blasts tore through the departure area.

Brussels attacks: Channel 4 News special – 22 March 2016

Streamed live on Mar 22, 2016

One event dominates tonight’s news – the triple bomb attack on the Belgian capital. Watch the full Channel 4 News coverage live here at 7pm.

Brussels Belgium Airport False Flag Terrorist Attack is Molech Sacrifice on Yale Skull & Bones Day

Published on Mar 22, 2016

In this video we take a quick look at how these demons operate in telling you the truth in that this is part of the end times and that you need Jesus Christ in your life or you will burn in Hell, and how these people really think and how heartless they are in using death for profits worrying about stocks in time of death


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