Brussels Hoax False Flag – The Running Man Crisis Actor

Published on Apr 5, 2016

The first footage of this video is some very hard to find stuff, which shows a crisis actor being walked down the street, with his shoulder being held by a police officer, they are given some sort of information (presumably regarding being in a different place) and they break off running.. They are also followed by “Asian man” who was standing around listlessly shortly before.

There is no way to explain this footage away, this is most obviously a crisis actor who is in the wrong location, who was supposed to be somewhere else, and needs to be there asap.

There is further speculation that this kid with the backwards baseball hat and long hair is the same person who later posed for the bloody shot shown at the same location. The Asian man checking his watch also appears around the same area.

In my opinion, the parking structure was a staging area, and the perfect place to deploy people and makeup.

The second part of this video looks at an overall “Street view” shot of the crisis actors standing around, attempting to look busy, and “doing First Aid” on people, such as handing them towels, wrapping bandages around their heads etc- Why there are civilians wrapping bandages around people’s heads, and bizarre men walking through the scene holding briefcases is anyone’s guess.

The last part of this video looks at the 3rd “explosion” and how it is obviously coming from the ceiling. The police allegedly blew up a 3rd device (weird how they would do that inside the airport and not remove it)- and it appears as though the blast is coming from the roof, as yet another ceiling tile falls to the ground, and smoke is visible in/around the roof. Again, this would further the speculation that whatever “exploded” was actually loaded into the roof.

The video finishes off with a few duping delight smilers.. no hoax/false flag would be complete without a bunch of total idiots laughing and smiling their faces off.. They just got into the “club” afterall.. and are about to be rich.. It’s all pretty awesome actually.

Here is the YouTuber “We See” ‘s youtube account:…

Here is the original footage “Interview with TRT Haber correspondent Dondu Sariisik on Brussels blasts updated “, which was presented


Why Are The Police In Brussels Covering Their Faces with Masks?

Because they fake crisis actors. not real cops…

Published on Apr 9, 2016

Why do all the police in Brussels wear masks? Why do soldiers doing nothing more that standing around guarding public places have their faces covered? This is the next phase of the police state, one slowly being rolled out in all the Western countries of the world. The masks and the covering of the faces of the police and soldiers is actually conditioning on both sides.

Brussels HOAX 100 % proof ~MUST SEE

Published on Mar 23, 2016…

Belgium Terror Attack Hoax (Fake Baby, 3/22, Actors and Old Footage) – Debunked And Exposed

Published on Mar 23, 2016

Brussels Attack Hoax (Fake Baby, Actors and Old Footage) – Debunked And Exposed

Conspiracy song with fake actor images

Belgium Terror Attack Hoax Part 2 (Reusable Actors, Training Drills Explained, Bad Acting Busted)


CIA/MOSSAD operative on the scene of Brussels attacks blows his cover on live TV.

Published on Mar 22, 2016

The man on the phone sounds A LOT like a false flag operative

brussels terror attack victims laughing…crisis actors? *false flag, hoax

Brussels Belguim Hoax Crisis Actors Starring (Free)mason Wells

i uploaded a new video. a victim of this attack is the same crisis actor from the boston marathon bombing. he actually admitted it, its not even a conspiracy lol

Brussels Attacks: CRISIS ACTOR Caught Carrying FAKE BABY?!

Published on Mar 22, 2016

Brussels Attacks In Belgium. Crisis Actor Caught Carrying Fake Baby During The Attack On Brussels Airport?

HOAX: I’m Not Sure This Alleged Attack Is A Hoax, I Am Simply Reporting On A Suspicious Situation Involving A Person Carrying Around A Fake Baby At The Site Of The Brussels Attacks.

Is This A Crisis Actor?

Seeing Brussels As A Hoax – Morris From

Published on Mar 23, 2016

Brussels Attacks: Mormon ‘victim’ Mason Wells Also at Boston Bombing and Paris Attacks

Published on Mar 23, 2016

THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings…
Brussels terrorists connected to Paris attacks…

Brussels Attack Bombing HOAX Western Backed ISIS EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

The Journalist and the Basketball Player (Brussels Bombing Hoax)

Published on Mar 29, 2016

A look at a couple of the main characters from the Brussels Bombing Story.

Brussels Baloney: More Information

Published on Mar 24, 2016

More holes in the false flag / hoax from Brussels.

Bogus Brussels Bombings: Anybody notice the bomb in the ceiling?

Published on Mar 31, 2016

A little look at superspy Anderson Cooper and early CNN news coverage of the Big Show.

FAKE! CCTV Footage of Brussels Explosion Is from 2011 Event In Moscow

Published on Mar 22, 2016
CCTV purporting to show the deadly Brussels Airport explosions appears to be fake.

The footage resembles a video of the moment a bomb attack took place at Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.

But the clip, which shows people walking before they duck and flee following an explosion, has been widely shared on social media since the Brussels blasts took place on Tuesday morning.

Location Location Location (Brussels Bombing Hoax)

The Real Deal Ep # 182 Brussels Hoax Exposed by Nick Kollerstrom & Ole Dammegard

Sebastien’s Tall Tales (Brussels Bombing Hoax)

You’re Always Waiting Until the Last Minute (Brussels Bombing Hoax)

100% Proof BBC uses Crisis Actors


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