THIS IS WWW3 Nuclear Attack UK Live News

Published on Jul 16, 2016

Update 16th July 2016 – this video is based largely on the original released in May 2016 but now reflects the change of Prime Minister in the UK. We are creating a more substantial new version in August/September based on the many comments, suggestions and ideas of the community. Thanks everyone for the great support.

Originally designed for fear response testing.

This video present a live BBC news broadcast showing escalating conflict between Russian and NATO forces, culminating in a full scale strategic nuclear attack against the United Kingdom.

Please use this video with due consideration. While you are welcome to copy and use this video, in doing so you accept full and absolute responsibility for any and all consequences as a result thereof.

The content and implications of a scenario such as the one presented in the video are unsettling, and is intended to remind people how quickly things might change, how important it is to value what we have and to take less for granted, and to recognise how fundamentally unprepared we are as individuals and as a society for any such event.

If you want to to share reaction videos, remember to ensure reasonable video and sound quality. It is a long video so there is no need to post the full length of your recording, perhaps just key reaction shots during and towards the end of the broadcast.

Constructive comments and opinions are really welcome. We can provide lower or higher resolution versions of this upon request.


One thought on “THIS IS WWW3 Nuclear Attack UK Live News”

  1. Dear Editor,
    ~ “These are the last days.” Jesus 6/15/13. In addition to “The Sign of Jonah” revealed by the Lord Jesus on 5/12/16= 33, His age was confirmation in the date. Today is day #170 of the sign, 10/31/16. It is amazing how the Lord uniquely uses, dates, numbers and HIs age. Our world looks and sounds like He said in Matthew 24 and He still gives me Matthew 22:37-40= 99/3= 33, His age in the Great Commandment, three times, for all. The date of the sinister skull, radar image of hurricane Matthew was 10/07/16= 33. PRAY.
    ~ The Lord Jesus be with all of you.

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