USA Now at WAR with Yemen – MEDIA BLACKOUT!

Published on Oct 13, 2016

Barack Obama authorized the US Navy off the coast of Yemen to strike the country with Tomahawk missiles. America is now at War.

Iran deploys warships off Yemen after US fire

Published on Oct 13, 2016

Iranian warships deployed off Yemen coast after US bombs Houthi targets.
Iran has deployed a fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden, the republic’s naval commander has confirmed. The deployment follows US cruise missile strikes on Yemeni positions thought to be under Houthi rebel control.
The Iranian Navy has sent the warships to international waters for a mission that includes entering the area off the southern coast of Yemen, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari confirmed on Wednesday. The area is among the world’s busiest maritime trade routes.
The fleet will provide security to sea ways for Iranian vessels and protect Iran’s interests on the high seas,” Sayyari told Press TV.

“The 34th Fleet is comprised of the Bushehr logistic vessel and Alborz destroyer, and will conduct a three-month mission.”

The commander said the fleet had departed from the southern port city of Bandar Abbas in Iran. He dismissed claims the fleet has been deployed to intervene in the conflict in Yemen.

Iranian ships have been tasked with providing security for civil boat traffic and protecting commercial vessels and oil tankers from pirates in the region, the rear admiral told Iranian television on Thursday.

Yemeni army warns about US war on Yemen

Published on Oct 15, 2016

The Yemeni army has warned about the direct engagement of US forces in the war against their country. Yemen’s army spokesperson says Washington’s cruise missile strikes on three radar sites may turn the strategic strait of Bab-el-Mandab into a war zone.

US Directly Enters War In Yemen For The First Time

Published on Oct 17, 2016

The U.S. military directly attacked Houthi rebels in Yemen for the first time on Wednesday — firing Tomahawk cruise missiles at three rebel-held radar stations on the Red Sea coast. The attack, which was in retaliation for a failed missile attack on a U.S. Navy destroyer on Sunday, risks drawing the U.S. further into the 18-month war…

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Yemeni forces destroy UAE vessel with rockets

Published on Oct 1, 2016

Fighters of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement and their allies have struck an Emirati vessel off the coast of Ta’izz province.

A military source says the Yemeni forces fired several rockets at the ship and destroyed it early Saturday. The vessel, owned by the United Arab Emirates’ Navy, is reportedly a high-speed logistical ship capable of locating mines, controlling military operations and transporting troops and equipment. The ship formerly belonged to the US Navy. Ansarullah fighters working in tandem with the Yemeni army have so far destroyed several hostile warships and boats. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition in the war against Yemen which has left thousands dead in the impoverished country.


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