Anonymous – World War 3 is on the Horizon

Will Trump save America like Putin saved Russia?

Published on Oct 27, 2016

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FUTURESHOCK 2016-2020: Your Life Is About To Change! Part 1

Published on Oct 22, 2015

Get ready…your world is about to be turned UPSIDE DOWN! The corrupt, criminal regime currently occupying Washington D.C. is starting to lose its grip on America. The American people are tired of being lied to. Smart Americans are “waking up” in droves to the reality of our nation’s leadership and financial critical condition. They’re tired of been propagandized, controlled and imprisoned by an illegitimate totalitarian regime that trashes our Constitution, Bill of Rights and is stamping out our individual liberties. The proof is the popularity of Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Establishment politicians are as “radioactive” as the Fukushima nuclear site.

The Globalists are completely lawless and getting ready to arrest and throw into jail anyone who gets in their way to fulfill their plan. They soon will suspend our 1st Amendment rights and take absolute control of the Internet. Patriotic voices and religious “extremists” who contradict the the government’s official narrative, will be censored and silenced. Any journalist who tries to conduct an honest investigation will be arrested and thrown in jail. This will all be preceded by a staged massive FALSE FLAG attack that will involve either chemical, biological and/or NUCLEAR weapons.

Hillary Clinton has been selected by the Globalists as America’s next president. If she wins the 2016 election, you can say “goodbye” to your guns. This will result in total chaos and upheaval in America. But this is only a part of the story, keep reading…

Global financial collapse will be forthcoming along with the destruction of the Petrodollar and the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. The “death of the dollar” has been talked about for many years but will be finally realized. Don’t get duped into believing that the “2015 Shemitah” was suppose to be the final doomsday for the dollar. Don’t worry, the dollar’s funeral is coming as is the ONE WORLD CURRENCY, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and ONE WORLD RELIGION. First will be the 2016 presidential election – a time of incredible darkness that will descend on the American people and indeed the world!

The consequences of what’s coming for the average American are nothing less than catastrophic, yet many still have no idea whatsoever of what is about to happen. Bank closures, riots, cities burning, starvation, chaos, Martial law, gun confiscation, FEMA camps, Constitutional rights obliterated, globalist takeovers, disease, despair, gangs, lawlessness, crime, you name it and much much more will soon be unfolding. Add to this the certainty of the coming regional/Middle-East wars involving China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel, the world stands at the precipice of World War 3. Again sadly, most of the population is completely totally unaware of what is about to happen because relatively few people follow Alternative Media. They get their nightly dose of government propaganda from NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CNN. What is also interesting is Economic and War cycles are coming to a climax in 2016 – 2018.

Casualty rates will be astronomic. Population reduction in America alone is being predicted to be an astonishing 80%. That means only a 20% survival rate or about 65 million Americans will be alive by the year 2025. If you live in America today, your chances of surviving to see the year 2025 are exactly 1 in 5 (Deagel). Shocking! But don’t shake your head and be too quick to dismiss what you just read….remember, there is NOTHING that a criminal regime won’t do to stay in power. Remember the Nazi’s?

Buckle your seat belts folks and hang on tight, the ride is about to get rough. Pray, trust God for your life, prepare, use wisdom, get skilled at needed job trades, store some food, water, cash, guns, gold, toiletries, batteries, books, medications and keep gathering truthful information before it becomes illegal to spread.

When JUDGMENT comes…death and destruction results. But the good news is out of the ashes revival is born. Pray for a remnant of believers, patriots and warriors to rise up and take our country back from the wretched godless Globalists and reassert our American Christian heritage. Pray for a genuine revival to awaken the darkened hearts that have been captured by this evil generation.

And be sure to watch FUTURESHOCK 2016-2020 Part 2 of this video for some more very important information on this subject.

10 Countries Guaranteed to be in WW3 | Is TRUMP or CLINTON the Way to ARMAGEDDON?

Published on Oct 30, 2016

If World War III started today, what happens next? Would America “win” WW3? Which nations would be involved? Who wants war more – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? How many people could be killed? How exactly did we arrive at the point of imminent nuclear disaster?

Alert Trump To Meet Putin 😊 Before WW3 Starts Obama Hates That!

Published on Oct 29, 2016

Anonymous – The TRUTH about WW3 II

Published on Sep 24, 2016

WW3 Top General Warns – Quote: “End of Life as we know it”

ublished on Oct 22, 2016

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Published on Oct 25, 2016

World War 3 is on the Horizon

Published on Oct 30, 2016

In today’s mini-doc, we explain the implications of the U.S. Election and why World War 3 is on the Horizon.

WW3 Top General Warns – Quote: “End of Life as we know it”

Published on Oct 22, 2016

Obama Takes A Major Step Toward WW3

Published on Oct 15, 2016

Because the mainstream media is devoting almost all of their time and energy to covering the Trump and Clinton campaigns, most Americans don’t realize that the Obama administration is bringing us perilously close to war with Russia.…


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