Chaos In Colorado: The NWO Is Making Their Move

Published on Dec 7, 2016


Published on Oct 13, 2016

Credit DaveHodges of the Commonsense Show. Pub date October 2016. More weird stuff.

DENVER ✈ DECODED | Denver Airport Base Conspiracy |

Published on Oct 13, 2016

✈ A Sinister Plan ✈

The Denver Airport cost $4 billion dollars to build, it was conceived by the masonic order and contains an enormous wealth of secrets involving their agendas, and secret plans, it replaced a fully functioning airport that did not need replacing, it came complete with a baggage system that never worked…

Ever since its vastly complex, strange and costly construction rumours have circulated regarding suspicious happenings in and around the airport, witness testimonies of a secret underground military base, add to this mysterious illnesses and walls filled with coded apocalyptic prophecies, gargoyles, a runway layout in the shape of a swastika and a huge satanic horse…

With my previous successes at decoding the masonic tricks in concealing the true nature of Oak island, and uncovering many of their secrets and ritualistic plans while doing so, I thought it was about time we cut the crap and actually decoded the messages these masons leave for whatever reasons, the Georgia guide stones among other masonic art commissions are about to come under serious scrutiny and examination as i examine the compelling evidence for what is actually hiding beneath the airport at Denver.

P.S apologies for the periodic skipping at 20 mins that lasts for a few minutes I attempted to rectify this a few times but was unsuccessful. I hope you enjoy please rate the documentary your views and opinions matter, they mean allot, and don’t forget to subscribe for more thanks. Enjoy! ~ Mystery History ~

Something REALLY WEIRD Happened At Denver Airport (2016)

Published on Sep 16, 2016

All music by Kevin Macleod and Chris Zabriskie

Secret DOOMSDAY BASE Under Denver Airport Exposed! 5/31/16

Published on May 30, 2016

Fox News coverage:…
Correction: Meant to say 22 million miles, not 22 in regards to comet elenin. Sorry guys, been a long night! 🙂

Illuminati Egyptian God of Dead Statue at Denver EXPOSED !!! Truth in Plain Sight !!!

Published on Nov 6, 2014

The Illuminati hide their truth right in front of the eyes of the brainwashed masses and yet they remain clueless! A statue of The Egyptian god of the dead has been erected at the New World Airport in Denver !!! In this video I completely expose the truth that is right in front of your eyes !!! Please share this video !!! God Bless and STAY VIGILANT !!!

The Denver Airport and The New World Order –

The Elite will use Order out of Chaos to bring in The New World Order

Exposing the Satanic New Age Movement!…


Published on Sep 26, 2012

Time to wake up folxxxx

Denver International Airport – Very Strange

Uploaded on Mar 18, 2010

Denver International Airport is the largest international airport in the United States, and the second largest international airport in the world.

However, its most notable features are concealed beneath ground level, including an inaccessible 88.5 square mile base buried 150 feet underground, and five large underground “storage buildings” which are mysteriously undergoing intermittent construction, are strikingly resemblant of Nazi underground detention camps, and are inexplicably interconnected via a complex tunnel system.

The tunnel system is equipped with an ominous sprinkler system which was deliberately installed for an yet an undisclosed purpose. Queen Elizabeth II, has purchased property nearby under a different alias.


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