Muslim man slaps Christian female teacher in school 2016

Published on Dec 5, 2016

Comments below from facebook youtube posts of this video proves this is a Russian

This article at snopes explains everything

Jolene JoJo Seebacher This is NOT a Muslim man. This man is a Christian orthodox RUSSIAN slapping the demons out of a woman. It’s a practice in Russia sadly. And MOST sadly people are passing this around as a Muslim man. Screw that. DO YOUR HOMEWORK
Daniel J Towsey He looks Muslim and not Russian

Manuel Garza

We now have another video of the CHURCH pastor smacking people with a 2 x 4 wooden plank go to 👉🏾
Pavel Rumyantsev
+THA CHEMIST As soon as I got the name the guy I did quick research. He is a cult leader. Most of his followers are young Russian. The cult is not Christian at all. The girl that was brutalized in the video volunteered for the beatings. The blindfolded guy with the stick is her husband.
IDC Thailand
+3y3 Capture SEAN ERIC VIZION if you want to vent your bigotry at least point it in the right direction otherwise you just look like a moron. It’s a training video based on extreme forms of Shevtsov’s sanctuary (Alexander Shevtsov) which is based on Buddhism. She agreed to have it done for the class. Maybe if you had a little more of the lord inside you, you’d have a little less bigotry. Don’t understand why she agreed to do it but she did.
+IDC Thailand so, quite the sane argument going on in your head. Telling others to grow in the understanding of the lord will make us understand a man beating a women. Any which way you look at this, it’s the man who is evil in this video. He does need to hang for this.
Reginald Finley
Sadly, this happens all of the time. Google pastor or preacher attacking, slapping, punching etc. Mindless followers allow these violent lowlifes to assault them in so many ways. Sadly, most don’t realize it until it’s too late.
+Ron Holt we have obtained new footage showing my subscribers the pastor beating people with a 2 x 4 wooden plank they want to be hit

Stas Kulov
this is not a church! it is some kind of trainings… that man is not a pastor!!!
Church pastor SLAPS lady during church!

Jolene JoJo Seebacher In Muslim they’re allowed to beat the women but they’re not supposed to beat the face. Can you believe that’s in the quran?

Janet Crane
Janet Crane This is sick. Why would anyone sit there and allow this? Time we put these people…where ever they are and especially if anywhere in the States in a leaky boat to anyplace. Time to clean house.

Karen Mccumber
Karen Mccumber We are so lucky that we don’t live in these middle eastern country’s.This man is a disgusting pig who thinks it’s ok to abuse women.He’s nothing more then a worthless coward in my opinion.

Labbi Pawz
Labbi Pawz For every time he slaps her I would love to stab his BALLS, then put needles in his eyeballs for every slap. You no good piece of pork donkey shit, holy shit, I can’t believe how people just sit and watch.

Cindy Clark John
Cindy Clark John I call bullshit. No one would sit there and take this from anybody. She sure is not from Texas. We would have kicked him in the balls then stomped on his face then broke a chair over his head then pulled out our handgun. What kind of sicko does this in font of kids. Thank God for Donald Trump not wanting Syrian refugees in our country. We will NOT put up with this.

Cathy M Carruth
Cathy M Carruth Disturbing! And you crybabies here in the USA think you got it bad, ugh! I wish I could take this Islamic terrorist and have him slapped a thousand times what he did to this poor gal, and I can’t believe noone stopped him! Now that’s brainwashing at it finest! This is so sick beyond words, I can’t take this crap anymore!

Tammy L Sockrider
Tammy L Sockrider Are u kidding me? It has nothing to do with race. If any man does this to a woman it just sad. Her husband should have beat the f*** out of him. If it was me, I would have hit him in his balls. Any man that hits a woman is a p**** and wouldn’t fight a man if he had to.

Marlena Julca
Marlena Julca Scum bag coward…he thing he is a great shot!!!! coward, coward, coward as those who are watching and doing nothing, Oh I hope this scum bag dies of cancer!!!

Fred Proff
Fred Proff That prick should be SHOT on the spot or maybe just a good old ass beating will help. They are a bunch of FU–ING WORTHLESS PIGS.

Michael Brock
She’s obviously white. But that’s also obviously not in America, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany. Anything like that happens in any of these countries and the woman herself along with everyone else in that room would have beat his ass as soon as he pulled his hand back the very first time. So I’m just guessing here but I’d say that was in their home land and she was the stupid ass that put herself in that position, especially knowing it could happen and nobody would help. Wrong either way but you can’t fix stupid either.

John DeBello
John DeBello Well my fellow Patriots, this little example of a Scum Muslim Man slapping a teacher several times, should be a wake up call for you nay Sayers that still think Muzzies can assimilate into our society.

Tina Jakubcik
Tina Jakubcik I would kick his fucking ass and shove a pork chop down his throat. You want more fucking muslims. This is their mentality.

Dee Lotz
Dee Lotz First, I would need to know where this is, second, the on lookers don’t seem to be troubled by this in any way, third, she stays silent so she is no stranger to this. Granted he’s an ass. But this looks almost set up, especially since he keeps looking towards the camera. Just sayin.

Ashley Starkey
Ashley Starkey This isn’t even a Muslim guy. His name is Alexander shevtsov and he’s Russian. That’s right folks the same people that the CIA believe were interfering with our democratic system. It only takes a second to find out the truth.

Charles Terrebonne
Charles Terrebonne This barbaric goat fucker needs a good ol Christain America working over Then he needs to have his cowardly women hitting filthy rotten savage ass dunked repeatedly in a bucket of pigs blood

Jerry Knittle
Jerry Knittle someone is using the word ,men, very Loosely, because there does not seem to be any men in that group. That guy is actually giving Muslims a very bad name. They need to pack people like him up and put them out on the Sahara Desert and tell them to live there. definitely time to clean house way past time.

Justin Heath Cannon
Justin Heath Cannon This is why there’s a backlash against fake news.
Not a Muslim. He’s Russian “therapist” Alexander Shevtsov. He has a cult-ish Academy of Self Knowledge and that’s what he does to people.

Cheryl Bliss
This is far more important then a “man issue”! These Muslim men treat all women like this and should be kept out of American society! I’m sick to death of hearing how Muslims are peaceful people! Bullshit! They want to come here and inject Muslim law into our society, if we allow this, soon this will become a norm, get them out, keep them out! They come here, we give them everything and they spit on our society and laws.
Joe Fako
Joe Fako This guy is garbage but he is Russian and he is orthodox not Muslim he is doing this at church in name of Christ which is wrong in my opinion but they believe by doing this they’re getting demons out, so lol 😂 before you post Muslim man title do your fucking research and don’t assume that he is Muslim 😂 because he is slapping women fucking idiots

Dennis Bartlett
Dennis Bartlett Where was this ? Notice she didn’t put her hands up to protect herself . Those weren’t love taps . Give me a week w/him , ten minutes just too short .

Roy Tritsch
Roy Tritsch I would not stand by and let this happen, I would pick up a two by four and get his attention and explain to him that we dont hit ladies in America. Then I would proceed to slap him around with my two by four until he understood what I was saying.

Johnny Patterson
Johnny Patterson You people are idiots. This guy isn’t Muslim and that isn’t the Middle East. They are speaking Russian. Quit believing crap just because it’s the internet.

Jane Dew
Jane Dew women do not count to muslims, they are castrated oh yes did you not know that they say women should not enjoy sex they are only to be for men and have babies, this is their faith, so why the hell do we want these idiots in our country, so all you people who say oh it their right it is where they live not the usa , so keep being stupid and you will see your end or your mother or sister , damn liberal crybabies

Alberta Hitzel
Alberta Hitzel This SOB would hit me once and that is about it. Because I would fight back with anything I could get my hands on. Those people who sat there and watch this SOB do that are down right good for nothing cowards. This is what this country was coming too. Thank God for Trump. Because he will not put up with crap like this.

Josh Livengood
JThe reality is this kind of shit happens in alot of countries outside of “western” nations.

This guy would be pulling a shoe out of his ass if he did that somewhere where women have rights and the men respect and defend those rights.

For all the people who wanted to move to other countries because they are angry about elections….. there’s always this place.

Appreciate where you live and realize how good it actually is compared to many other places.

Tammy Chris
Ok. So first of all, this video is portrayed as a Muslim slapping a Christian. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t speak whatever language this is and there was no translation so I’m not buying the “back story”. Second, it doesn’t fucking matter what religion either of these people are, no one, man or woman, deserves to be treated that way. He’s a dick regardless of religion! Y’all need to stop perpetuating propaganda and fucking learn something. Everything you see, read, is skewed in some way. Research, educate, look at several resources before coming to a conclusion and then research again. So tired of seeing my fellow human beings so divided over bullshit!

Cherokee Perez-Reyes
I saw this video a couple years ago. Someone altered it this man was a Christian and he was supposed to be exercising a demon out of a Woman by slapping her. People really need to stop all this hate.
Plus women and men would not be in the classroom together in Muslim culture. And the woman is not even wearing a hijab.
There’s enough things in Muslim cultures without using fake propaganda. Use some of the real s*** that they be doing in Muslim culture. There are plenty of those real video’s out there to use

Jim Brightly
Jim Brightly He deserves the same treatment, and I bet most of the NFL linebackers would be happy to do it after seeing this. I know Pat Tillman would have done it.

Ken Miller
Ken Miller Wow I would have right hooked that mother fucker and kick him in the head repeatedly this is sick if you ever see a man hit a women a real man beats there ass!! And if you can’t beat there ass get something in your hand that will help like a bat!!!

Patty Sills
Patty Sills This is the crap that’s that’s going to happen in the United States if Muslims are allowed to stay I don’t think it won’t they want to story Christians

Manuel Garza
Manuel Garza That Sounds Like Russian Not Muslim. Ignorant people, that still doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s putting his hands on this women. Abuse is abuse…SMH.

Allanah Jodie Stephenson
Allanah Jodie Stephenson WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!! YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!! You know what i hope someone that knows him, fucking does the same to him. And as for those other mindless fucking idiots in the room, what is wrong with them, they are just as bad for sitting there watching that happen! Omg… I am so angry… What the actual fuck.

Anthony Stout
Anthony Stout Has anyone VERIFIED this to be a “Muslim” man and her to be a “Christian” woman…..or are we so conditioned to where we believe pretty much ANYTHING other than the fact that our conditioning has been ReCONDITIONED?? Lol

Sergey Krishchenko
Sergey Krishchenko This is so off!!! Nothing about Muslim or Christianity!!! Fuckin A!! You guys believe all the shit you see?!?! He’s speaking Russian and speaking about another man or some shit. She might have cheated don’t quote me though. But for sure its not about religion! Fkin propaganda BS!!!!

Brandy Dohse
This man is Alexander Shevstov, said to be a doctor in psychology and a well-known cult leader from a town in Russia. This is a sect from his Academy of “self knowledge”. He’s mainly known for trying to restore old traditions by beating his pupils into submission and embarrassing them. There’s another video floating around of him beating a man with a stick. Everyone is just sitting around watching because they too are members of this cult. They want to be there.

This man is NOT MUSLIM. He is a sadistic cult leader. Stop trying to spread islamophobia with ridiculous examples of awful people. There are cults and heinous people in EVERY country and EVERY religion.

Linda Lee Franklin
This is so upsetting…but I agree with the language used regarding “Muslim slapping Christian teacher”….men of all races, religions etc. Beat, slap, hold hostage, shoot…list way to long do this to women….other women exhibit this inappropriate abuse to other women and children….these cults, ie Extreme Mormons…that self explanatory…regular looking folks, cultures where women are slaves….domestic abuse in our own country…care about anyone who is being treated this way, but as mentioned that hus is Russian Christian Priest, those so devout often believe this is the way… is not a black and white issue (not referring to skin color)….no doubt disturbing, I find extreme beliefs that also incorporate this type behavior and call it religion…..look at big picture…not half of sentence about someone’s spin on this video….

Jeffrey L. Orr
Jeffrey L. Orr That had to be somewhere in Europe or Canada. That POS Muslim would be charged with assault and battery. Either way that man should get the ass whooping of his life. I can tell you if I was there he would be the one getting the beating. I am really sick of all the Bullshit with these Muslims. Send the ones like this back to wherever they came from.

Beth Thompson
Please remember –> “”Islam is not a race. Nigerian Muslims are not racially the same as Indonesian Muslims, and Arabic Muslims aren’t racially the same as white Canadian converts to Islam. Muslims have bad ideas, not bad genes. This is not about some inherent defect of people. It’s about the ideas themselves…. In this case I would say Islam as an ideology is ultimately totalitarian, which makes this battle of ideas all the more vital.”
CSPI International

Clarice Annerud
Clarice Annerud Sorry people, he’s not Muslim. He’s a Russian Priest. He’s calling her an Fn bitch and asking her if she understands.
Of course that doesn’t excuse him, nobody should beat someone but you can’t blame the Muslims for this one

Enoch Moore
The problem with this video is that this is *not* a Muslim beating/slapping a woman. In fact, he’s not even speaking Arabic. It’s Russian. The man’s name is Alexander Shevtsov. He’s not a Muslim. He’s a known Russian cult leader (sometimes rarely associated Russian Orthodoxy) and ethnographer/psychologist who promotes a brand of “self knowledge.”

This is the mindless drivel that we will continue (and expect) to see against minorities in America. It is by sharing ignorant things like this against Muslims that violence, misunderstanding, hatred, and ignorance are spread. Things like this are what will lead to Muslim registries and concentration camps in the United States.

It’s amazing the stuff you can learn with a 2 minute Google search.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown Ummm that is not a Muslim. This is Russian. Wow, propaganda much? That is Alexander Shevtsov a Russian orthodox affiliated cult leader.
Man Trump sheep are dumb.

Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson Unfortunately this kind of shit happens in every country INCLUDING OURS. This isnt a Muslim thing. How many lowlife men you think are in prison right now in THIS country for rape, murder and abuse to women. A shitload! No matter what race you are or country you come from, if your a man and you abuse women, you need to die.

Marti McTini
Marti McTini THIS IS NOT A MUSLIM INCIDENT! They are Russian and the man is a preacher of the Church they are in and the woman is apart of the church congregation and was caught cheating on her husband (the man sitting next to her that she leaned on) and the husband told the preacher all about it. Apparently that’s how they handle things in the Russian church.

Mark Silverstein
Mark Silverstein Actually the leader of a Russian Sect “Trojan Path”. It’s wrong but the guy is not Muslim and the woman is not a Christian teacher. But whatever you want to believe, you’ll believe it.

Ryan Charles Neenan Obe
Ryan Charles Neenan Obe This video is old and he is not a Muslim. He is orthodox another form of Christianity… any how it’s disgusting what he’s doing, still no reason to pass him off as Muslim. You are inciting trouble!

Shelley Lynn Warf-Hunden
Shelley Lynn Warf-Hunden Isn’t he speaking Russian? I think there is a Greek Orthodox thing about slapping our demons??? I bet that’s what this is. It has nothing to do with Muslims! I’m so sick of fake crap on FB!!!!!!!

Anthony Barytone Sutherland
Anthony Barytone Sutherland He is a Russian orthodox fucktard so he’s closer to your stupid christian arse Donald than he is to any muslim.
Either way anyone that disrespects women in the name of their religion is a gutless cowardice piece of shit not worth slapping with the sole of any sandal.

Jessica Oliver
Jessica Oliver I’d like to see some of them try that shit here with Christian conservatives. The abusive Muslim man would be shot. That’s all there is to it.

Tracy Elliott
Tracy Elliott Tell me this did not happen in our country. If it did why was it allowed? This woman would have went Lorena Bobbitt on his junk


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