Notorious Blackwater founder I can solve Migrant Crisis Quickly! The Trump Effect

Published on Jan 23, 2017

Erik Prince is the man in the video. I do not like him, he is ruthless. However, is what he says the truth, you be the judge!

I believe the Trump Effect is getting ready to happen all over this World. People will have the cuffs removed and be able to speak freely. You can thank your Creator for this. I do not care if you do not believe. We are at war, two families locked in an eternal fight.

People, the tide may be slowly turning. Europe will see more and more people speaking out and taking action. The United States is the Country that can help free many of its allies from the bondage of Islam. We shall see. The interview ends abruptly; however, his last statement is how it should have ended.

Make no mistakes, I’m not saying this war is over, I’m saying WE will finally have a level playing field if you know what I mean.

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Retired Marine Steven Gern talks to FOX After His Immigration Video

Published on Feb 11, 2017

Telling the truth has always been dangerous. Throughout recorded history, many good people have been murdered, incarcerated, committed to mental institutions, lost jobs, family, friends, homes, belongings, and been harassed to the point of staying quiet.

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