I have decided to create yet another off shoot blog from my main site at http://ATruthSoldier.com because the World War Three issues are now overwhelming and to numerous to be handled just on ATruthSoldier site..

You can also find more at http://WeOccupyEarth.wordpress.com

So stay tuned there will be many posts on this blog..

Pre existing post about issues in different countries will get continuous updates issues added to them as they develop..


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Shalom brothers/sisters in Christ !

    I am bible believing Christian from northern Finland (Lapland) and if you want know some detailed information about migrant situation in Scandinavia and specially Finland below is not mainsstream- media net-paper concentrating specially situation in Finland and in paper there is also articles in english language. It not pure christian paper but in comment-section are lot of bible believing Christians, is paper russians maybe or maybe not …but Finland`s mainstream media are losing their control because mv-lehti exposes all the time mainstream`s medias lies :-)…


    You can translate finnish articke link below, the best I know.


    God Bless, brother in christ from finnish Lapland 🙂

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