WARNING To CRISIS Actors You may die in realtime

Mosque Hoax Crisis Actor False Flag -the Victoria Mosque Fire

Published on Jan 30, 2017

After Donald Trump passes an Executive order Banning Immigration from arab countries a Mosque in Victoria Texas was burned down just two hours later just after 2AM. Spectultion being thrown around on social media says the fire was no real attack but a false flag put on by government and news organizations to further prove donald trump as a chaos causing president, others suspect this is a part of a sympathy and cash grab by the members of the mosque.
Facebook has blocked any search of the GoFundMes original poster with the word Hoax after his name arising more warning bells that maybe the public is being withheld from the truth.
We investigte to get to the bottom of this conspiracy rabbit hole.
Is this a false flag orchestrated by the media? is Omr Rachid just a crisis actor?
or was this mosque the Victim of arsen? leave your opinion in a comment below.
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by A Truth Soldier

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