Eating Children

The Queen is a Reptilian who eats Human Babies & Children.V2 The Government run by Reptilians!!

Published on Feb 7, 2014

For those of you who did’nt get to watch our video, here is another version, enjoy !! 🙂

The Queen & the Royal Family are Reptilians who Sacrifice Human Babies, Children & Adults in Satanic Rituals!! They Cannibalize Human Flesh & drink Human Blood in Ceremonies passed down through the ages by the reptilian bloodlines.

McDonald’s Serving up Sacrificed Children! !

Human baby meat served in 90% of American fast food places

Pope Says_004__A Truth Soldier

Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas

Published on Dec 22, 2015

Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas.

Pope Francis told crowds in St. Peter’s Square that this Christmas might be the last one for humanity.

In a grim speech, the Pope said that the current chaotic state of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”, and that this time next year the world is likely to be unrecognisable.

Francis, who previously announced the beginning of World War 3, had labelled this year’s Christmas as a “charade” during a Mass at the Casa Santa Maria earlier in the month.

“We are close to Christmas. There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes – all decked out – while the world continues to wage war,” he said earlier in December.

The Pontiff, who turned 79 on Thursday, elaborated on his views this weekend, telling a crowd, “While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last“.

“Unless the path to peace is recognised, we must weep for those innocent victims who grow by the day, and ask God for forgiveness. As Jesus and God weeps, I do too“.

The Queens Speech 2015. MUST WATCH! The Real Unedited Version

Published on Dec 26, 2015

This is the version filmed the day before christmas that the Royals and the BBC did not want you to see.This recording was scrapped due to the Queens revealing comments

Queen's Annual Christmas Message_001__A Truth Soldierqueen_002__A Truth Soldierqueen_003__A Truth Soldier

Did The Queen Just… What She Says Will Astonish You!!!

Published on Dec 26, 2015

Could this REALLY be our “Final Christmas?”

Per The Queen’s Annual Christmas Message, this year she makes a very unusual announcement… one that wasn’t even included in the original British taping.

You are in for a shocker indeed !!

Here’s the Article

And the Original Video Here (Note the Light-Dark binarisms)


And for those of you who STILL don’t believe me and think I’m talking “rubbish,” maybe you’ll believe TRUTH from this ex-Illuminati insider:


Published on Oct 17, 2013


MORE Donald Marshall… “Illuminati BUSTED!!! 2013 Cloning, Parasite Hosts, Atlantis, & Vril Part 1-4″

Donald Marshall forum


Picture of Don on megadeath cover

WATCH DONALD MARSHALL LIVE: “Ex Illuminati Associate Donald Marshall (the clone) on Megadeth’s “The World Needs A Hero” Cover”

Tila Tequila Suffers Brain Aneurysm After Exposing Illuminati Dark Secrets

Tila Tequila and Donald Marshall Cat Fight…And Pete Santilli Burned!…And+Pete+Santilli+Burned&cat=web&pl=opensearch&language=english

Miss Tila Finally Admits That Aliens Called Vril Exist!

IMPORTANT ARTICLE: Alcuin and Flutterby: 2013 Agenda for Disclosure “The identities of the hidden Khazar Zionist political bosses embedded in corporate America will be disclosed. The use these bosses have made of human clones in American political management will become common knowledge. The use made of human clones in managing European Royal families, international banking, spiritual fascism in religion, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be made clear for all to see. The fact that mind-controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leaderships, have signed state and religious papers of moment, and have been terminated at will and substituted with others, will be revealed.”



OH..MY..GOD..HUMAN FLESH IN McDonalds Meat!!

ex satanic cannibal baby eater tells all !!! must be 18 or over to see this video!!!

Uploaded on Mar 2, 2011

ex satanic cannibal talks about how she was raped when she was kidnapped as a babie at 23 months old!!!

Baby Blood Drinkers Control our MONEY see Description

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011

Also see Dr Jonathan Reed Alien Encounter Ufo Contact October 15 1996 Part 2 Illuminati World Wide steal & buy Human Parts to Stay Alive, Rockefellers, RothChilds, see 13 Bloodlines, Black Nobility Started & Control JESUITS, Black Water, Black Military Operations, Black pope,

1. See JESUIT OATH, JESUIT INFILtRATION, make copies pass them out,, see 1,800 pages of Evidence at VATICAN ASSASSINS

2. see EX-JESUIT Alberto Rivera, He said they were like an Octapus, Tenacles everywhere, they are the CFR, Trilateral, they own the TV stations, Large News Papers, & the little Home town News Papers owners Hang out with them.

3. They Bring in Drugs by the Plane Fulls, see CIA TATUM CHRONICLeS, Detective Mike Ruppert, Oliver North Iran Contra, Col BO GRITZ, Barry Seals, Ricky Ross,, Many People with CREDENTIALS Warning us.

4.see The WhiteHouse Coup on youtube, see Methodist Minister & Professor Harry F Ward agreed to Help DESTROY AMERICA, Many of the Methodist Churches display JESUIT symbol, George Bush became a Methodist in 1977, You can see Bush Celebrate RED MASS at the fifthseal,

5. Have the World DRUGGED with a TOXIN delivered thru SOFT DRINKS says Sodium its H-ACID see film PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES at, take Pure WATER & MAGNeSIUM with Amino Acid to Clean out BRAIN see you tube georgeeby for best type to take,

Reptilian Pope – The Vatican TV Live Broadcast

Published on Sep 18, 2014

See my channel after for a deeper look into reality that evade your detection.

Sacrifices of Children in the Catholic Church: Horrific Vatican Crimes Exposed!

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Protect Your Children Foundation works diligently to expose the crimes committed by men and women who utilize the name of God to gain trust, and commit evil. Visit: and

Ritual murder child sacrifice you will be surprised. John Gorman

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2012


by A Truth Soldier

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