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Every Friday we will be speaking with some of the very best Truth Speakers from around the World ‘Live’ on Motiv8 Radio (LINKS ARE BELOW IN POSTS)

Our Eye On Islam has teamed up with Davey Russell who is involved in Promoting Awareness on many Topics which are Relevant to Patriots, and to those who want to get Educated!

Listen ‘LIVE’ Every Friday! While our Guests are speaking you can either interact with other patriots on Dave’s Motiv8 Radio Website, call him and the Guests via Skype/Phone, or post some Questions etc here on the page!

We Hope you Enjoy the Shows each week and Please add all of your Infidel Friends!!

Respect from the Our Eye On Islam Team…

Looking for the Truth of What’s Going on in This World, and the Planned World War 3?


by A Truth Soldier

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