WW3 Predictive Messages

Terrifying Prophecy Written in 1908 About Barack Obama and Pope Francis (2016)

Published on Jan 12, 2016

Robert Hugh Benson penned a novel called “prophetic” by Pope Benedict XVI and recommended by Pope Francis I on three occasions. Lord of the World is seeing literal fulfillment in 2015-2016. Literal events such as a Paris convention, U.S. Senator Julian Felsenburgh’s final year tour across the world, Europe in crisis, and Father Francis who assists Felsenburgh in setting up the new religion for the golden age of humanity. Humanity soon learns it’s no golden age at all.

15 Year-Old Secular Jewish Boy Nathan’s Vision of WWIII on Blood Moon: Gog Magog Future of Israel

Published on Jan 8, 2016

Nathan is a 15-year old Jewish boy raised in a secular family. He died for 15 minutes during The Feast of Sukkot 2015 (which was accompanied by the 4th Blood Moon). During that time he was shown the future of Israel and end time visions.

His own parents did not raise him to be religious, disapprove of his vision and think he’s crazy, so the accusation of “mental suggestion” may be ruled out. An Orthodox Jewish rabbi put his vision to the test of Hebrew Scripture. This is my English summary of and comments on the interview in Hebrew.

This video clip is part of a bigger teaching on how to interpret dreams and visions. The prophet Joel prophesied that in the last days, before the revelation of Messiah and the final Redemption, Hashem (G-D) would “pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28) Yohannan (John) penned the final book of the Bible based on an Apocalypse or supernatural revelation about the end times.

This is the Link to the FULL Transcript in English: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5-G…

—– The Original Viral 40 Minute Video on this Channel Was Not Complete, This is the Link to the Original FULL Video (Almost 2 Hours) Which Was Never Translated into English, But Now with the Link to the Transcript Above You Can Read the Whole Thing, This Was the Original FULL Video:


—– And This Was The Shorter Version with English Subtitles Uploaded on This Channel:


HOLLYWOOD ADMITS TRUTH! 5th Wave Predictive Programming!!!

Published on Feb 5, 2016

*******SPOILER ALERTS!!!!!!!*******

Is Hollywood revealing their plans right in front of us?

Are the elite letting us know what they’re about to do before they do it?

It seems so…

In Hollywood’s most recent film, “The 5th Wave” chronicles the Apocalyptic Age in a series of five “waves”:

– Wave One: EMP
– Wave Two: Earthquake-Tsunami
– Wave Three: Pandemic
– Wave Four: “Aliens”
– Wave Five: Children masquerading as soldiers

Could this film indicate what’s to come?

Only Time will tell…

View The Trailer Here:


by A Truth Soldier

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